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Girls and boys in kindergarten: recognizing the difference and working on equality.

Teaching staff and school boards attach high priority to equality for boys and girls. However, putting this principle into practice is not always easy in a society governed by our everyday stereotypes and expectations. Though boys and girls may be quite different, what we do not want is for them to become locked into stereotyped roles. This project aims to take an in-depth look at the specific situation in nursery schools. How exactly can you work in a positive and constructive way in the classroom and at school, in a way that broadens the horizons of our children? And how can you get parents involved?
As of November 2011, you will find the results of this project under the section Publications: an awareness-raising brochure on gender issues at kindergarten, including practical tips.

Subsidized in 2011 by the Flemish Equal Opportunities Administration.

EXTENSION Gender in Research, toolkit and training 2011-2013

Gender in research as a mark of excellence

Background?The 7th Framework Programme strives to promote gender equality in scientific research, by facilitating the participation of women scientists and integrating the gender dimension into research content in all research areas. Objectives?The toolkit and training packages give the research community practical tools to integrate gender aspects into FP7 research, including equal opportunities for women and men AND the gender dimension of research, thereby contributing to excellence in research. Who are the toolkit and training for??Researchers, people preparing project proposals, National Contact Points, FP7 project coordinators and participants.

More information, toolkit materials and agenda for the trainings, can be found on:

Or download the leaflet: Genderinresearch_webleaflet.

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